Yes, I Do Bathrooms!

Too many agents and buyers shy away from Staging, thinking it’s always about bringing in furniture.  Hesitant, sometimes embarrassed, perhaps anticipating delay or large cost, they pass, doing themselves a great diservice.

Staging bathrooms in empty houses has several distinct advantages

  • It is quick, and relatively inexpensive to do
  • Bathrooms are hard to photograph, staging softens the hard/reflective surfaces.
  • It immediately distinguishes similar bathrooms to online viewers
  • Photos of different staged bathrooms tend to draw buyers throughout the entire house, to see them all…and ensuring they see the entire house in the process


Simple accessories added



Painted, simple accessories added



New construction: tile detail, paint color, linens, simple accessories 














Removed top half of wall on left, painted walls and cabinet,

added linens and simple art













Linens and (out of sight) accessories