YES, I Do Bookcases!

Walls are the largest surface area in any room, so empty bookcases are huge missed opportunities to engage viewers online, and in person!

Bookcases that are “done” add depth, interest and personality to a room.  They call attention to the scale of the room. Also, soften and create a visual focus in sweeping listing photos of an otherwise empty room.

TRH styles bookcases that speak to buyers.  Placing what sellers might already own, filling in, or just bringing it all from our warehouse of well-curated props. Equal parts bright/colorful/shapely tabletop, books (hardcover), and empty space gives even vacant rooms a vibrant and polished look.

Artfully done bookcases pique viewers’ curiosity.

Many will linger in the room.  Sometimes they check out the titles, even leaf through the books. Other times they’ll study the composition. These are all very good things.

Personality, but not personal. 

I choose titles to engage buyers. Some cover books with white or craft paper, others place the spines along the back, with pages facing out. I think that’s a lot of needless work, and it robs you of a chance to tell a story.

Bookcases with many personal things aren’t so good. Our things tell the story of who we are and often, why we’re selling. Buyers will use this information to their advantage.

Choosing the right books is important. But TRH dabbles in whimsey, too!

I placed Michael J. Fox’s bio “Looking Up” in the upper cube of the above bookcase in this Armonk home. About 12′ off the ground, it made me smile! Ideally, you choose titles that seamlessly underscore the property’s vibe and its selling points.

 This office was in a house on a lake bordering Ossining/Croton’s Teatown Lake Reservation.  Most of the books we used had local roots: history, geography, and people, as well as nature, wildlife, and photography. And the props were of a natural, organic nature: Old colored glass bottles, clay pottery, and greenery.

The bookcases in this flipper’s house were lost in a sea of gray and white. TRH’s prop styling added joy!

Memorable listing photos viewed online give buyers something to seek out during in-person showings.

This is the walk-out family room on the 4th level of a 5-level house.  The main, expected rooms were vacant. I created this room here precisely to draw buyers through the entire house and make sure they didn’t miss this or the 5th level.

To be visually interesting you mix up the shape and angles of the books and the props.

OR you can just create pockets of happy.