The Super Bowl and Home Staging: Why Clever and Creative Beats Costly

explosionCan you imagine being in the room when the idea for Volvo’s Super Bowl Interception Promotion was pitched?

If it was anything like what I felt when I first heard of it today, there was a brief moment of absolute stillness where it seemed the world stopped moving because everyone took a deep, sharp breath; then immediately sped up, powered by the simultaneous explosion of brain cells, accompanied by blinding bright light, and a hallelujah chorus.

OK, I may be exaggerating a bit, but clever and creative things do that to all of us. Smart things that grab our attention, and engage our minds because we’ve never seen them or thought of them before just delight us.  This is why clever and creative will always trump costly.

If you’re reading this before you follow this link, here’s the deal: Instead of buying a 30-second Super Bowl ad at the going price of $4.5M +/-  Volvo will be giving away 5 cars to people nominated by others via Twitter (here’s the brilliant part) while commercials from other car companies are being aired. Cost of these 5 loaded models MAYBE 5% of the ad.  Cost of Twitter? Well, you know.

While the numbers are not quite as big in Home Staging, the premise is the same: Simply: surprise, amuse and delight people-you’ll capture their imagination, and direct the conversation.   And in a sea of expected, predictable, and yes, costly-that’s priceless.

New, and different excites, entertains and energizes us. Home buyers have their head full of numbers: price per square foot, taxes, mortgage rates. They are also scared to death of missing the right house, or choosing the wrong house.  Clever and creative changes the conversation, engages the other side of the brain.  They’ll relax, even have some fun. And they will remember your house. Engage their body-all the better.

One of this Westchester County Home Stager’s  favorite tips is to set up a game table with a board game or puzzle in progress. Have you ever tried walking past a puzzle in progress?  You pick up a piece, and try to find where it fits, right?  Touch teaches. When you pick up that puzzle piece, you are learning, remembering and experiencing things kinesthetically.  It immediately stirs up feelings, inspires dreams and imprints this sensation in your memory. Family Game Night!  Cozy nights home! Everyone unplugs and enjoys! All in a fraction of a second, with things you probably already own.

Selling your Westchester property? The Refreshed Home is FULL of clever and creative ideas that’ll engage and delight, getting your house noticed, and SOLD!  Staying and improving? Let’s put some more smiles in your space, and in your days! Talk to me today, it’ll be SUPER, you’ll see!

Marie Graham is an Interior Decorator, an Accredited Home Stager, and owner of The Refreshed Home. She has been bettering spaces-and lives!-since Super Bowl XV. Contact her directly,