Syleileva Kos, Lagom, and Hygge in 2023

Cozy indoor winter scene. Happy 2023 from The Refreshed Home.


To paraphrase Arlo Guthrie, one is huh?; two is a different kind of huh?;  three is a trend, and four is a movement.

As we slog on through the Winter of 2023 here in the US, I’ve come to really appreciate the amount of concept and nuance contained in these singular Nordic words that are being casually dropped in trending fashion and shelter pieces.

They all describe various ways to be happy in your life, your space, and your self.

Kos notes the Norweigan appreciation of good times. The Swedes practice lagom, the pursuit of balance: not too much, not too little, but just right.

Hygge comes from Denmark. First out of the gate, maybe 2 years ago, it speaks to having the qualities of coziness and contentment. And Finland urges syleileva, or embracing it all.

The last few years have been unsettling. Not usually a fan of tying new behavior to a calendar, but have really felt 2023 will be a year where overall we’ll get our mojo back.

The Refreshed Homes wishes you and yours the best in this New Year. May our equilibrium return, and may we seek, and find what is good and important. And may we always vona for better.