If It’s Free, It’s For Me: 2011 US Tennis Open

  If  It’s Free, It’s For Me:  2011 US  Tennis Open Not a huge tennis fan,  but always up for a new adventure with pals… Dee is an old friend I have not…

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Forever Young: Bob Dylan Turns 70, and My Senior Prom

Have been busy, planning our  35th High School reunion…so even though that time of life has been on my mind lately, earlier this week I was rocketed back in a nano-second when I suddenly realized…

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What April Means To Me

Tax day.  Earth Day.  Earth WEEK.  Passover.  Easter.  3 Birthdays.  Our Wedding Anniversary. Spring Buying Season. Furniture Drives and other events. YUP< this is what April means to me.…

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SO-How Many Cats Do You Have?? Handling Tough Staging Scenerios, Part Three

OK,  so by now we are good with overly-doting parents, refrigerator clutter, and ‘the party house’;    sex, religion and politics-right?   EXCELLENT!!  Onward, then!!                                    QUESTION:  What do pets, kids, people who…

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Why I Am Happy Today

Some people dislike, even dread their birthdays.  NOT ME!!  Especially as I collect more and more, each one is all the more reason to celebrate. While I like to look…

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Thank You, Greater East Rochester NY

East Rochester NY is just under a mile and a half squared, southeast of Rochester proper, and in close proximity to Fairport, Penfield and Pittsford. Originally a planned community, with the…

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Love, Life, Stress and the New York Times

Newspapers cause me great concern. Obvious reasons (like content) aside, I love knowledge, and being more aware of what is going on in the world; hate to see so much paper used in…

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Behold The Head (Who ARE All These People in Your Transaction, Part 3 of 4)

Know the phrase ‘still waters run deep’? That’s The Head, personified. Very still. Very deep. You may need to put a mirror under their nose for signs of life…better, wave…

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It’s Not If You Win or Lose…

It’s Not If You Win Or Lose… Last night I attended my first high school Lacrosse game. LAX to non-neophytes, it was the Section A Championship Finals, Yorktown vs Walter Panas/Lakeland.…

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The Refreshed Home is YOUR Refreshed Home

 Came upon this image a few weeks ago, walking Bella just as the nor’easter was getting started. Impatient daffodil shoots coming through a late snow, an appropriate metaphor for so…

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Marie approaches her recommendations with a down-to-earth sensibility and is also a lot of fun! I have a new friend.

– Susan Sachs, Chappaqua

After Marie staged our house, we had second thoughts about leaving. Couldn't believe we live here.

– Paula and Roger, Hastings-on-Hudson

I don’t always like deferring to experts, but my investment was paid back approximately 20:1.

– Thor Mann, Croton-on-Hudson

Marie has a skill set that is professional and gentle. She removes a homeowner's stress and feeling of being overwhelmed.

– Bonnie Stein, Julia B Fee, Rye

Marie was very easy to work with. I wish we had used her expertise years ago!

– Barry Zelin, Ardsley

Marie Graham gets 5 stars from us! She was spot on in knowing exactly how our house should look for the photographs and the showings.

– Charlotte and Hal, Ardsley

Marie helped us with both selling our old home and decorating our new home. She recommends practical items of good value and is so committed to the details.

– Sandy McCormick Sleepy Hollow

I'm very thankful for Marie's excellent suggestions, from paint colors to floor finishes. We had 3 offers and sold above the asking price!

– George Casale, Bronxville

Marie is the color whisperer. We wanted totally new colors, and now our home is colorful, energizing and harmonious. Our friends comment on how welcoming and warm it is.

– Lesa Rader

She is smart, funny, engaging, with a great eye and creative ideas that we’ve implemented ourselves. I highly recommend her!

– Nan F., White Plains

She’s through and goes throught your home without judgment, providing recommendations with absolutely no pressure.

– Karen Dreher, New Rochelle