The Easiest Resolution You Will Ever Make/Keep

January has arrived in a big way, and it’s hard not to get drawn into the whole resoloution thing.

While we may want a new set of circumstances, that whole actual change-thing…well, maybe not so much. 

Many find the allure of setting a new path, and aiming high for the New Year comes to metaphorical fisticuffs with the realities of  the cold, short days of winter.

What if I  had a suggestion that could help save, even make you money? Required no special clothing, no measuring or weighing, no renouncing of anything.  No lifestyle change, or on-going time commmitment; in fact it could free up some time, and make you more productive??

There is a lot of pressure in January, but if you are a REALTOR, or a property owner who wants to sell in the New Year, here’s your  key to a long-term lease in a happy place: resolve to start a conversation with a Professional Stager.

Sorry, no Ginzu steak knives will be thrown in, but finding out more about how to put your property’s best foot forward could be the most most productive hour you will spend all year. Buyers who want to be in a house by summer are looking now, is your house ready? 

Be in touch directly, or come see me. Saturday January 29th I will be speaking at the Mount Kisco Public Library;  Saturday February 5th at the Ossining Public Library.  Send-or better yet-BRING-your sellers.