The Liked Me! They Really, Really Liked Me!!

In this business, seeing is believing, but the #1 corollary is that they have to like you, and trust you, first. 

Recently I got a call from a Realtor I met last year-he was the listing agent on a property my Staging clients bought, after they sold their house.    

He had a seller whose house needed help…not a new story-it had been on the market, with no success.  It was a neat and clean space, no conditional issues. They had done some updating, but more needed to be done to make it competitive in this market.

I was there 2 days later, and sent them my report the next day. This was the email the agent sent me: 

Hey Marie,

Thanks so much for all your time and care of the Smiths.  I enjoyed being with you on the presentation – you have a velvet boxing glove, that’s for sure.  

I have wanted to say something about the ‘nothing’ colors in the bathrooms and the kitchen, but they were already  a little overwhelmed by my suggestions; it was a relief that you felt the same way, and addressed it with them. 

I will catch up with them today, but I think they were very impressed with you and even better LIKED you and TRUSTED you.  The changes you suggested are not ‘impossible’ and I think they will help set the property for a definite sale!

I will be in the office tomorrow, let’s talk more then.   



Realtors: I know you invest months, often years in educating people, nurturing relationships.  I totally get all that is on the line when you make the giant leap from listening to me, to actually bringing me into one of your transactions. 

Sellers:  I also realize  all of what you have at stake. When we meet, I will understand and respect your situation, and all you have gone through.  I will be your partner, and show you how to get to the other side.

I have made a successful living working in people’s homes for 30 years. 

I know nothing to be truer than no matter what, people will  always care about their homes.  So four years ago I made my own leap and created the refreshed home.

My business model is not the most traditional.  I have never ever chased dollars, so goals are not set or evaluated on sales figures.

My business has grown by simply striving to make people smarter and happier by showing how to make their space and stuff work better, so they can get on with their lives. 

Solidly connecting with a responsive, professional, knowledgeable and now trusting Realtor was a home run. 

Not a home run that is an insurance run, or even wins the game.

Because he can now comfortably speak with his other sellers and fellow agents about how Staging with the right person can work, this is a bases-loaded, bottom of the 12th, walk-off  home run.  In the playoffs.  

Except in this scenario, everyone wins!


If you have a home you need to sell, let a professional Stager help.  All you have to do is just start the conversation.