the ‘little c’

the ‘little c’

Today I have two messages, connected in an unexpected way.

Earlier today I underwent a routine health screening procedure that is recommended for people  my age.  Everything went beautifully. I was in good health going into it,  so with God’s good grace, this will continue to be the case.

This procedure has a very high ICK factor,  and required extended preparation on my part, which was one reason I put off scheduling it for a few years.

And that is POINT #1:   If you are overdue for any regular health care, Man-Up (or Woman-Up) and JUST DO IT. 

And if you think you don’t have the time….getting sick , even dying is really inconvenient and time-consuming.   

Just as with houses, deferring maintenance does not make it go away. 


During this whole process, I was in a brand-new circumstance. With health-care professionals I never met before. Talking about some fairly intimate things.  Totally uncharted territory;  I was nervous,  vulnerable and apprehensive.  Funny thing about fear, it can bring new insights and lots of clarity, in a hurry.

Because I love what I do, am always looking for new ways to present and deliver a better product and experience. One thing I do  is look  for things that work well, try to understand why, then see if I can draw a parallel in my own business.  The product or the field doesn;t matter to me, if it makes people happy I want to know why/how.

I found myself thinking this experience was a very fresh look- a  good reminder-of  how it feels to be a potential customer.

ALSO-I  got a renewed, and very  personal perspective on the value of working with true experienced professionals.  

Experience is not just about time put in someplace.  Whether you work on cars or brains, at a cash register, in a library or a corner office-it’s about what one  learns, and how one uses that knowledge to continually better both themselves, and the experience for others.

In many cases it means you know enough to answer most questions, but that you also know to look for unasked questions, and unspoken concerns, then how to coax them out, and make them part of the conversation.

Professionals know the journey,  and understand  preparing clients in a thorough, kind and direct way is just as much a part of a good process as anything else. 

Oh yes…and they care.  Usually a lot.


If you are an experienced professional who has made someone’s life easier today-I thank you, even if your client forgot.

If you are a client, or another professional who’s had a good experience with someone, call them tomorrow and thank them.

And if you are Dr. Geders, or one of her team at MKMG, I thank you all very much.