The Unexpected Can Happen Anytime, Wherever You Live

The Unexpected Can Happen Wherever You Live

Quite a week, here in Westchester; an earthquake AND a hurricane.  Both were anomalies,  but  we’ve had A LOT of funky weather in recent memory-nor’easters… tornado activity… and hail big enough to make you wonder when the locusts would be arriving.

Good reminder that the unexpected can happen anytime,  wherever you live.  Remembering the panicked feeling of being unprepared could serve us all: a little  planning now will save time, money and stress at the very least.  Here are a few easy basics:

If the lights go out: Don’t even think about candles, but why worry about no-or old-batteries?  Right now, LL Bean has great prices on crank flashlights ($15.00), and emergency radios ($25.00-40.00). They operate by cranking a handle, and have various extras like dual solar-power,  emergency (red) or regular flash light, weather bands, or cell phone charger. Shop now, they make great gifts, too.

Pick up a few big jugs of bottled water,  an extra half-gallon (or two) of milk now.  Stow the water jugs in the garage/basement, milk goes in the freezer.  (little known fact, cheese can also freeze well).  And don’t forget a manual can-opener, if you are without.

Invest in a few large plastic tarps, they’ll help mitigate any damage sustained from falling or blowing debris.  If you have picture windows, or sliders, get some wide tape. It won’t keep them from breaking, but if they break, it will be fewer and larger pieces.

Hit the ATM, and stash the cash.  If power goes out, so will credit card processing machines, and ATMS;  cash on hand is king.

Last, get you pet’s records in order. While Bella Blue is up to date, but if I had to evacuate with her, no shelter would take us if I couldn’t prove it. Keep a few days’ of food, and a plain bowl for water with it, too.