There’s No Free Lunch

No free lunch There’s no free lunch. True in 1800s pubs, true today. 

In the staging business you can assume any of the following to be true if you hear the word free consult:

  • Someone else  is underwriting the cost of an expert’s time
  • If the person sells a product or represents other services, you’re getting an ESTIMATE not a consult
  • The person offering it has a lot of time on their hands

There is no shame in any of this. 

Realtors who include a staging consult as part of their listing services are (IMO) smart. Or, if you already know what product or services you need to purchase, an ESTIMATE moves that process along.  And last, yes, everyone in business has to start out somewhere.

By definition, consults provide independent professional guidance from an expert representing your best interests. True home staging consultants trouble-shoot, focusing on problem-solving and strategy for your circumstances and goals. Not product or other services. 

You may like the sound of “free consult” (or the idea of salty peanuts and boiled eggs for lunch) but ask questions. Be clear about what you want and expect.

The Refreshed Home is a design and listing prep consultancy, specializing in occupied homes in Westchester County NY. Voted Westchester’s Best Home Stager 2019 and 2020, Marie Graham has personally helped get over $600M worth of WC properties noticed, and SOLD.