There’s No Post-COVID. And Forget About A New Normal.

This week in a design/hospitality trade webinar I heard one of the panel members make that remarkable statement: There is no post-COVID.  And forget about pre-COVID…or  a new normal. There is no post-COVID

What?? Of course there’s a pre-COVID. We had parties and concerts!  Saw, and hugged friends!  Met clients in their homes and offices!  We went out to eat! And a more definitive post-COVID….well, it’s yet to be realized. But it’s on the way…..right?

But the context here was what the influencer hotels and the cruise industries were doing to reinvent and rebound. And without another word on it, it was crystal clear and made perfect sense.

OF COURSE there will always be a pre- and post-COVID. Just like there will always be a pre- and post- clarification to other shattering, seismic events in our lives.

But his point was, at least for industry, it’s time to stop mourning. It’s not helpful. Better now to live in today, adapt, and plan for tomorrow.

Every wistful glance backwards, every use of a prefix or suffix, every reference to a ‘new’ normal focuses on what was lost. No matter if you oversee a group of international boutique hotels or the corner bagel shop. It’s wasted time, wasted energy. Keeping our eyes on the road is what will get us through, and move us forward to where we want to be.

Each of us will hold COVID losses in our hearts for the rest of our lives. So acknowledge the mourning. Look back if, and when you have to. But if COVID has taught us anything here in Westchester County, its that tomorrow is promised to no one. All we have is today, this moment. Let’s be sure to choose well.