They’ re B-a-a-a-a-a-c-k!

The Times recently ran a story about the upcoming launch of “True Prep”, a 2.0 version of the 1980 cult-classic “The Official Preppy Handbook”.

Interesting. I would like to say I remember it thru a distant nostalgic haze, but truth is I was in my very impressionable early 20s, and I devoured it. Primarily out of curiosity, but it was a white-hot trend at the time; I wanted to know enough to understand that lifestyle, fit in, and yes, still poke fun. 

I’m not proud, but that was then, this is now. Was more interested in clothing and social protocol at the time, so I thought it’d be kinda cool to go back and see what they said about homes, interior decorating and such, and ok, maybe poke more fun.

OF COURSE my copy was long gone, so went to the WP library. Not even a listing, either title or author. My hunch was confirmed- who cares about this stuff, and yes,  I was the most shallow person, ever. Then I found myself to be at peace with that thought in surprisingly short order, so my curiosity returned.

Went online, looking for maybe a mention….on google with “prepp__” lots of things came up, wow, a couple of pages. I now wanted that book, and I wanted it bad, so I went on Ebay.

I buy a lot of books on Ebay, got Doug a 3 volume hardcover set by noted historian Shelby Foote on the Civil War-first edition-from a guy in MA, pristine condition, even the book jackets, for $80.00; so thinking maybe $5.00 for a beat-up paperback…

Be afraid, be very afraid..  Used copies were being bid on in the $40.00 range, new copies-of a paperback that sold for maybe $7.00?-was going for just under $200.00. REALLY. 6 months before True Prep gets launched.  Well I can deal with the pink oxford shirts, but I hope they’ve done something about those top-siders, the ugliest shoes ever.