Think of The Refreshed Home as Your New i-Whatever

When you got your last electronic gadget, did you just take it out of the box, and start using it? Well, you probably wanted to. Maybe you even tried to.

But new model have different programs and capabilities. Even early-adapters had things they had to set up, and personalize. Many in the middle took the time to play around, and see, as a practical matter-how this would really work for them.

Maybe you were like me, a slower-adapter. You found features you had NO idea existed..or even any idea that you needed? But once you got how much easier and enjoyable your life was when you found an online GPS app (!!), could stay current with email, or instantly capture/share photos, this new gadget had value. You respected the process, and were a believer.

Technology today is a vital, but amorphous entity. It affects us profoundly, and is all around us. It can embrace and baffle us, engage and frustrate us. We each have different needs, and understandings of it, but one constant: If it’s set up right, and works, it’s effortless, and life is grand. But if-when!-it fails, it’s hard to think of anything else til it’s made right.

OK>think of your home as that individual and universal element: A center of our days, in specific ways that are different for everyone.

NOW>substitute a living, breathing, charming and experienced Home Professional as your new i-Whatever device….with an extensive app store!

Decorating, and Home Staging are not just about a visual. It’s not a singular destination, a standardized entity, or a one-size fits all solution.

It’s a personalized experience, typically consisting of several different elements-but the goal is always the same: to serve your own, unique circumstances. As far as this Westchester County Decorator, and Home Stager is concerned, your needs, goals-even your own abilities-are factored into solutions as much as cost, and your expectations.

Like any other app search…umm, personalized service-Decorating, and Home Staging both start by looking for a different, better way to do things.

If your flip phone (i.e. your space, or stuff) works for you as it is, that’s great, you’re set. If it’s not-if you think it could be better-or even if your hand is somewhat forced-say, your husband lost his family plan phone, had to upgrade!-think of me as your new i-Whatever, and just start the conversation.

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