Those Eyes, Those Bow Ties….

Daniel Patrick Moynihan served several Presidents, and was a four-time NY Senator.

 Google him and most of his pictures show a similar image:  hand to chin-very thoughtful,  eyebrows raised in almost a bemused expression, and often in a bow tie. I just liked this one.

On his passing,  8 tears ago today, TIME Magazine noted he was one of a fading breed of politicians: someone who did not toe the party line, and never shied awy from serious debate ‘no matter how messy it promised to be’.

He was not a manufactured politician; he was smart and thoughtful, known for his wit, and nimble mind. There are a number of popular quotes attributed to him, but I have 2 favorites:

“You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts”, and “They will blame you for the rain, take credit for the sunshine”.  Exact context of either is unclear, but good guess for the latter would be a nod to the fickle nature of politics, but with lots of other applications.