Three Things Amateur Home Stagers Miss

Rooted in the word ‘love’, Wikipedia defines amateur as someone who loves doing something, but does it casually, three_thingsis unpaid/under-paid, new and inexperienced, and/or often self-taught. TRH heartily supports homeowners doing things on their own…when they know what they’re doing. Three things amateur Home Stagers miss:

The Sellers Brain

We all know  ‘de-clutter, de-personalize’, but without first understanding the real whys,  it’s a decidedly judgmental mantra.

Sellers often need to re-align their thinking to see their house like a buyer does. Putting your house on the market is like a first date. Getting ready, is your mindset firm,  ‘____is all I want to do’ ,  or do you consider ‘how can I make the best impression’?

Dating (and RE) is emotional and delicate territory. Rare is a second date-or showing!- when it’s clear on the first one the other person is more concerned with themselves and their needs that they are with you. No one gets plastic surgery for a first date, but caring enough to do the best you can-whatever that may be-resonates with Buyers.

Who is the Buyer? 

OK, so you know it’ll be  a young family in your Cape Cod starter…guess what-so does everyone else!

Buying is about the future, hopes and dreams of brighter days. Don’t coast-dig deeper, think beyond ‘who’. Where they are coming from?  What is their motivation?  What are their dreams?  What great things can happen when they buy this house? Simple ways to engage buyers:

  • A desk, a good lamp, and books in a childs’ room inspire wonderful thoughts for parents
  • A spice rack, some mini herb plants and well-loved cookbooks elevates any kitchenIMAG0406
  • Pay attention to the workbench, and the garage, someone will love it for that as much as you do

This property above was located in a school district  where lacrosse was hothothot.  The yard was broad and flat, we borrowed a goal from a neighbor. A/O in 3 weeks, from a family with  3 kids who all played.

Good Vibrations  

Pleasing visuals are vital, but missed, or dismissed are details can telegraph waaaay TMI to buyers, compromising a sellers’ position.

Buyers buy for the future: for better days, and to be happy, but sellers sell for all sorts of reasons. Under the best of circumstances there is still a sense of loss, even if it’s an acknowledgement of time passing by, but often there is more: illness, death, financial distress or divorce.

If it’s your house, it’s hard to hear, but truth is old/sad linens and bed coverings, sparsely/oddly furnished rooms, medical equipment, an empty his (or hers) closet in the Master Suite are off-putting at best to buyers, and will fuel speculation about why you “need” to sell, generating low-ball offers at worst.

The Refreshed Home knows the importance of having these specific, and sometimes difficult conversations with Sellers early on; it’s experience, kindness and discretion that makes them less stressful, and more productive. About to list? Have difficult circumstances, or an old, under-performing listing? Talk to me today about how we can get your property noticed, and SOLD!