Top 2020 Best-Of Lists

We like the succinctness of recapping and synopsises, and also closure.  Best-Of Lists are a year-end staple, and 2020 has provided lots to assess, rate, and otherwise notice.

Anyone have ZOOM on their most-downloaded app Bingo card in January? Or notice ‘comfort food’ has replaced the very judgemental ‘junk food’ during this stress-laden pandemic?

And who knew, that back in the day, my single friends and I were all big observers of First Footing aka  Hogmahay? RD had me at ‘Sharant’, and it’s quietly very heartening to know the World’s favorite colors are a lot more homogenous than you might think.

So while we’re waiting for 2020 to finally be in the rear view mirror, here’s a sampling to enjoy. These’ll also come in handy once we’re rediscovering the art of small talk at coffee, parties and such. Soon. Hopefully, very soon. 

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