Turn Off HGTV, Let’s Get YOUR House Sold!!

Recently there has been a different tone and tenor in  jobs I’ve had, and people I’ve been speaking with. There is a willingness to believe. I see and hear more confidence, less trepidation. 

Many are tired of being held hostage to this market; they want to put the past behind them, and get on with their life.

 NOW is the perfect time to embrace a new plan of action!!

Too many sellers-and sorry, agents toostill think inside a very small box-i.e. what they see on TV. The extremes of the market make for the best TV, but don’t really address the needs of the majority of sellers.

Staging is not an intellectual discussion, it is a verb, you just get your hands onto things and start to make some changes. SO-get off the couch, and turn off HGTV; here are some really  quick/easy/cheap ways to get you going.

Now, more than ever, buyers buy homes they want, homes they connect with on an emotional level. Good Home Staging starts by knowing who the buyers will likely be, then the strengths of the neighborhood/property that’ll draw buyers there in the first place. Then visually, tangibly taps into those motivational forces, to  complete the picture for the buyer. 

You are selling a lifestyle  A low pegboard with a few bright yellow slickers, or attention paid to a spacious eat-in kitchen could be very appealing to a parents of a growing family.

A few touches of luxury inside-even as simple as new white plush bath towels- could really speak to downsizers who are ready to enjoy a life not ruled by durable, practical and kid-friendly choices. 

Cute pet bowl-empty, please-reminds buyers this could finally be the opportunity to comfortably  add a new member to the family

Offer the unexpected  Buyers will linger in and bond with a room where there is something clever or engaging for them to see.

Nothing fancy/blingy/personal, but think signs of life: how about a simple goldfish bowl in a child’s room, even an in-progress jigsaw puzzle or Scrabble game on a game table?

Draw them outside  Whether the property has a 4×8 balcony, a million-dollar view, or falls somewhere in between, buyers need to be outside and experience it to fully appreciate it. Give them something to look at, touch, and be engaged with to make that impression.

If there is a yard, in 3 of the 4 seasons I like to set up a volleyball net, horseshoes, even bocce ball-what better way to take the pressure off than to have the buyers toss a few shoes?

 Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean buyers should take your word for how great it is to have a deck and a grill-show them it’s a year-round benefit.

Shovel a path to the grill and keep it looking good; buyers will be reassured they will be just fine in the next power-outage, even see themselves  hosting the next Super Bowl party!!

Decorating some tress decorated with bird and squirrel-friendly treats will be entertaining for kids, while adding color and life to your property.

This market is extremely saturated with condos and co-ops. All the more reason to find something to make the space stand out. 

A mini herb garden on the window sill  points to light, and a fragrant rosemary tree would probably do well year round on any patio or balcony, and few could resisit touching it to release it’s aroma.

 A string of white lights adds a nice touch year-round, but would be most charming and memorable at winter time showings.

NEXT: Multi-anything is GOLDEN; even golden is GOLDEN…except we’ll call it Pittsfield Buff, OK?