Unwanted Piano? Read-and Share This!

Many possessions are difficult to part with, but having another place where said possessions  can go and be loved and utilized often eases the distress.

Unwanted pianos though are notoriously difficult to adopt-out. They are big, and difficult to move; often in need of some restorative work. Hyper-local facilities like churches, schools, Boys/Girls clubs have usually been the best options.

There was a helpful resource article, Where A Condemned Piano Can Win An Appeal  in this mornings NYT.  Stagers, Realtors, and Movers-should take special note.

A follow-up actually, in response to comments to an earlier article about old pianos being destroyed because of lack of options-For More Pianos, Last Note is Thud in the Dump

The resources are all over the country-Sacramento and St. Paul are named, as is an online clearinghouse and even an artist in Maine who gives new life to old piano parts (all links in article)…it’s still not going to be like dropping a shopping bag of clothes off at the local thrift shop, but for the passionate and the determined, if all local avenues fail, something else to try. Good luck!!