Walking The Walk-OR-Getting Our Panties Unknotted About Earth “Day”

Thought yesterday’s post was enough, that I was frustrated over all that happens in April.

 But this morning I read a post on Active Rain by Richard Weisser that got me all sorts of agitated.  In a good way. Well, at least I THINK it’s in a good way.


Richard is a very smart Realtor with Coweta Fayette Real Estate in Newnan Georgia, and every day, in about 250 words or less he has something important to say. 

Today he posed the question: Earth Day 2011: Are we as green as we think we are?

Not a unique thought, but Richard was both passionate and rational-a position I support, but personally find hard to maintain on this matter.

There are very few things I cannot see both sides of, but the dichotomy of how we get our collective panties in a knot over Earth Day, then go right back to our wasteful and over-consuming ways the next week makes me absolutely nuts.

One day at time, we are poisoning our environment, and threatening our very existence.  It is not enough to talk the talk, we need to walk the walk, and make every day Earth Day.

Here are my passion-driven wish list:

Dig up your dandelions  I grew up in a neighborhood called Indian Village, on Susquehanna Road in Ossining,  neighbors actually went from yard to yard, en masse. I remember it was fun, you got to see people and everyone had a nice lawn. 

(I’m told the greens are delicious-but it’s also very therapeutic, pulling one of those deep-rooted suckers out the the ground!)

Buy a bunch of BPA-Free water bottles and have them at the ready in the fridge. Fill one up with ice every morning and take it with you in the car. Or, take a thermos if you prefer hot beverages.

STOP buying convenience packs of things. If you want to only eat 100 calories worth of cookies, buy the regular package and pre-package them yourself in re-usable containers-they make them to fit in the tiniest of hands.

If you smoke,  OWN IT!   There is a reason automobiles have ashtrays. 

I am not judging you, or your habit. But let’s be real-tossing a butt out the window-so it’s out of sight,  or so you don’t stink up your car  will not make you a non-smoker. 

But it  COULD though blow into someone else’s open window,,,or dry grass nearby.  ALSO-it leaches an unbelievable amount of poisons into groundwater. SORRY-this is first-degree selfish. 

Investigate and support  alternative energy suppliers. At the Earth Week fair last week at Kensico Dam, our Furniture Sharehouse booth was sandwiched between 2 of them.  Yes, NOW it MAY add some $$ to what you pay…maybe what you now pay for all those water bottles??  More subscribers now will send the right message to suppliers, all the way up to people who invest in alternative energy producing technology.

Maintain your car. Now, more than ever: keep tires properly inflated, and get it tuned up for maximum efficiency.

Plan your driving, and don’t be too busy to carpool.

Keep your re-usable bags in your car at all times. Better yet, decline a bag if whatever you’re buying is able to be carried by hand, or in your pockets/purse. Science has determined it takes 400 years for one of those bags to de-compose.

OK?   Now go and do good works!!