Want a Quick Answer on Home Staging Costs?

Want a quick answer on Home Staging costs?
OK, I’ve got a few:

  • 1-1.5% of list price
  • $500-750 +/- per room per month
  • $___ per square foot
  • I don’t know

What? Not helpful?!?

Ohhhh…..your house is different? You ask if Staging means bringing in furniture, because you have some things you’d like to use.

Or it’s only a few rooms you think you need help with. And your brother in law can paint, but just needs to know what color?

And should you consider granite counter tops? Or worry about cleaning out the garage…make that office back into a 4th BR? And how many photos/kids toys/etc are ok to leave out?

Seeking a quick answer on Home Staging costs? We’re all busy people, its a natural and valid question. But it’s a flawed pursuit if you can’t first define what Home Staging is. Or believe Home Staging to be a standardized entity.

Quick answers are not always the best ones. Your property, your circumstances are unique. Sight unseen, and circumstances unknown you’ll get…numbers.

The Refreshed Home defines Home Staging as simply the process of preparing a property for sale. A process and a service, Home Staging is whatever you can do to improve the market position and ease your mind:

  • Solutions supporting your goals, price point, and market
  • Good info and specific answers to your questions
  • A mix of product and service that’s different for every person, every property

TRH clients get their own best answers most quickly by first participating: consults to pinpoint issues, define priorities/scope of the job. Knowledge gives them confidence in decision making, and control over the process and costs. They get what they need and want; nothing more, and nothing less.

If that makes sense, talk to me today about an interactive consult that’ll get your house noticed, and SOLD!  (Better yet, register now for my class this coming Monday night, 3/27/17 at the Bronxville Adult School!)