Wanting to Be a Better Person: Top Resolution for 2018!

A just-released Marist Poll revealed being a better person in 2018 tied as top New Year’s resolution! Even better, it’s the second year in a row!!

Wanting to be a better person reflects concern for others, and the world around us. It’s unambiguously upbeat, hopeful and optimistic.

There are many ways to become a better person…which in itself can be daunting. While we may not be able to single-handedly save the world, each of us doing even one small thing can absolutely make a difference. Respectfully, I offer these easy suggestions to get started:

Register to Vote 

A record number of voters turned out for the last election, but percentage of eligible voters participating was rated as 31st out of 35 globally. is *non-partisan* US government voter registration site with state-by-state requirements. Want to do more?

  • Contact local League of Women Voters chapter to help with registration drives, candidate forums and such.
  • REALTOR PALS-think about including info on voter re-registration to people you sell houses to!

Embrace More Art

Art can make you happy. It relaxes and opens the mind, and can touch us at our core.

Theater, dance, film, poetry, fine art, workshops and talks….SO much, right here in our own backyard, ArtsWestchester keeps track of it all. Get their calendar of events here, drop into their gallery right in White Plains. SERENDIPITOUSLY the current exhibit highlights the history and current state of voting rights….!

Give Blood

One donation can help save up to 3 lives. Blood products can’t be manufactured, they’re only obtainable through a donor. Only 38% of the population can donate…could you be part of that 38%? The Red Cross has a registry of drives and walk-in centers for whole blood and platelet donations across the country; but your local hospital would probably welcome your donation as well.

Register as an Organ Donor

A more sobering decision, but some stories from those who’ve done it.


Have extra time, a talent or skill to share? Chances are good anything close to your heart could use you and your hands, and it’s a few computer clicks away.

Many United Way chapters have a volunteer match division that lists organizations and their needs. A quick sampling of Westchester Chapter seeks volunteer firefighters, admin help at an equine rescue, and nursing mothers to contribute to a milk bank.

Adopt or Foster an Animal

Regular readers knew this was coming!

I’ve become a better person because of the rescue dogs I’ve had in my life. This is Mona. If you could use more love in your life, and can do it, you should. I promise you won’t regret it!



Give Things Away

Have previously written about where to dispose of and donate things in Westchester County, but is one of my favorites.  Find, and register in your local chapter, then find like-minded fans for whatever you’ve loved-but don’t need anymore, and everyone wins!