We Each Can Do Something: Consults for a Cause 2021 & 2022

I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything; but still I can do something.

~Edward Everett Hale

Heard-or read?-this quote some years ago, and it came to mind a lot  Consults for a Cause: Hurricane Dorian Aid  the last 2 years as we slogged through this pandemic.

The scope of loss has been overwhelming and heartbreaking.  But we can each do “something”.  Its therapeutic. It gets you out of feeling helpless. It adds perspective, and empowers. Focusing on what you can do lets you change the narrative when you get stuck in the weeds.

Consults for a Cause started as one-off fundraising events for natural disasters some years ago. Re-directing staging and design consult fees to Westchester County 501c3 charities became a permanent part of The Refreshed Home’s business model late last year.

When actual volunteering became impractical, then impossible, consult fees earned in the typical amount of time I’d spend volunteering would be re-directed to local charities.

Big shout-outs to those who participated in the last campaign:

Megan and Jorge, Bonnie Stein of Julia B Fee, Emma Kula and Jane Weiss of Coldwell Banker, and The Mark Boyland Team of KW Realty Partners together contributed $1,848 to Drug Crisis in Our Backyard, an organization in support of individuals and families struggling with addiction.

This brought 2021 total to $12,497 worth of design and staging consult fees from 34 clients that were redirected to 8 Westchester 501c3 charities. Happy to report this, and so very grateful to be able to do this.

Last year ended very badly for communities in Kentucky and Colorado. Within a space of a few weeks, tornados had torn through much of the southeast. Then, wildfires ravaged over 6000 acres in Colorado. Tens of thousands were uprooted, many were left with just the clothes on their back.







So, doing something a little different this month and next. To support the recovery in both the southeast and in Colorado, 8 hours of consult fees in both January and February will be re-directed to Americares.

Like all previous recipients, Charity Navigator has rated them a highly effective 501c3 charity.  Checks for consult fees are written to the charity instead of The Refreshed Home. I collect the checks and get them to the charity at the end of the month. Clients receive an acknowledgment for their records directly from the charity.

Not in the market for any design or home staging services? Every $1 can provide $20 in aid, so please consider donating here on your own. If you’re a vendor who’d like to talk through setting something like this up yourself, or a homeowner who’s finally gotten the nudge to start their own project-talk to me today, and we’ll make it happen!