Westchester County Realtors and Brokers: Are You Ready?

Less than two weeks in,  2013 has a number of Westchester County Realtors and Brokers walking with a spring in their step.  While I’ve yet to hear anyone actually whistling (yet), it’s clear they are feeling and seeing a positive shift in the housing market.Westchester COunty Realtors and Brokers: Are You READY?

YES>buyers are showing up!  Financials in order, and they’re making offers.  And inventory is dwindling. Excellent news, right?  Well, how about 2 out of 3?  

Demand and prices tend to rise when inventory is lowered, but once they’re gone, they’re gone.  And now  the dinner bell rings for those who’ve been on the fence, thinking ohyes, NOW they are ready to sell. 

SO-Westchester County Realtors and Brokers-are you ready?

Just because we want something to be simple will not make it so;  selling (or any of the people involved!) are no exception.  Just because someone thinks they are ready to sell does not mean they-or their property-are really ready. Practical questions, like calibrating and reconciling numbers, figuring out where they will go have not yet been broached…and ohyes, there is the matter of the property itself.

Westchester County Realtors and Brokers: Even if you have the comfort level, and the skill, do you have the time to add/keep this on your ever-growing list of things you need to do to get a propertyl listed and sold?

The ability to comfortably introduce the topic of getting a property ready for market early in the conversation is key to getting a a solid, and appealing listing.

But-like roofing repairs or code issues-why not be comfortable knowing enough to address it, discuss, as it affects saleability of a property, then recommend a known, trusted, solid professional they can work out the remedy with?  You may know the place could use a fresh paint job, new lighting fixtures, or some solid editing.  Why risk ‘what paint color’, ‘what fixtures’, or ‘what’s wrong with my pictures?’-becoming the focus of your interactions?

Long gone are the days when sellers in our market woudn’t hesitate to move into their new house first- because selling their current house was just a formality. There is a lot of ‘stuff’ -tangible, and not-within every transaction.  The real estate shuffle-who is moving out when, and how-has taken on the complexity of a Bolshoi production. The people, and the process is just as important to a solid, smooth and satisfactory close.

Sellers have heard of this mysterious entity called ‘Home Staging’. They know a little bit about it, but guess what-they expect you to know more. 

Now is the time to start the conversation.  Now is the time  to build a relationship with, to find out how this  Westchester County Home Stager can help build and support your business.  Don’t believe me?  Your colleagues know.  

Westchester County Realtors and Brokers: 2013, it’s going to be GREAT, be READY!

Westchester County Realtors and Brokers: Are YOur READY?