Westchester County’s Free Arts Day 2012: Sunday December 2

Legend has it that when when Winston Churchill was advised to cut funding for arts,  in order to help support the war effort, he replied ‘than what is it we’re fighting for?’.  Historians debate the authenticity, but it’s good enough for me, one of the reasons I am so fond of Churchill.

Art is good. It soothes, and makes you feel alive.  It nourishes, inspires, and challenges. It can make you laugh, cry, ponder or react.  But mostly art can make you happy

This Sunday, December 2, Westchester Arts is sponsoring their   annual FREE  ARTS  DAY.  As good as art is for the soul, FREE ART is even better!

You and the kids can make bowls at Clay Art Center in Port Chester (LOVE you guys at CAC!!) , or jewelry…or beads at  Westchester Arts Family Art Workshops in White Plains, or screen A Christmas Story  at Jacob Burns in Pleasantville. Sample dance and fashion sketching lessons, or experience Play Theater Group workshop

For more grownup tastes, you can tour Caramoor, or the  Historic Hudson Valley lamdmarks; visit almost every museum and cultural center from Mt. Vernon and the Pelhams to Peekskill and Purchase, View The Marriage of Figaro in Pelham, even catch YCP’s performance of  Nora Ephron’s play Love, Loss, and What I Wore.  ALL FOR FREE. Seriously.

Your (inner) child will have a blast, and work through some serious ya-yas in this uplifting and creative format.

50 events, 21 locations! Click here now to see the entire listing, and plan your day. Some events might have limited class or audience size, so I’d call ahead and find out the logistics on your favorites. GO-you’ll like yourself a lot for it!