What a Red Door Means in Scotland

What A Red Door Means In Scotland

Months ago I had come across this great post..sent myself a link to the page, marked it with purple flag (meaning urgent follow-up, HA!), then it slid right off my radar. Until this past week, when talk of door-painting suddenly seemed to become a very hot topic.

What Does Your Front Door Say About You  is a broad look at some of the colors that front doors are painted, and what they mean.  Went back, re-read the post, then trolled around Susan’s own site, and it was absolutely delightful.

Between Naps on the Porch is a blog Susan Herin created out of love for all things home: Decorating, tablescapes, recipes-you name it.

I like it for several reasons-it’s professional, detailed, creative and tasteful. Like M*****, without the  whole smug-thing. And this was before we had even e-connected, she is just as delightful. live and in person!

Visit, enjoy, even bookmark, and may a red door be in your future, too!