What About Bringing ME Along on Your Next Presentation?

Each of us is really good at at least one thing in this life. If you believe that being a RE agent is one of yours, I believe you. Decorating, and Home Staging are some of mine.

Would it be hubris to suggest bringing me along, letting ME talk to your prospective buyers and sellers about both the aesthetics, and the practical part of the move they are contemplating? Seeing what needs to be done, and kindly, but directly discussing ideas and options with people is what I do.

Might it be intrusive, or intimidating? Tell your clients beforehand that I am part of your team, part of your service package.

Perhaps you’re concerned I’d overstep, or say something stupid? Well, if you met me first, you could tell me how you’d want it to work, and fill me in on the meeting. And you’d know more about who I was and the work I do.

You’re waiting to talk to them about this AFTER you get the agency agreement? REALLY? Saying the hard but necessary things to a prospective client does not get easier when you put it off.

Don’t want to insult them? Would you like to know how many new clients I meet on my own who tell me they wish their agent could discuss this with them? Buying and selling is serious business, your prospective clients would almost certainly welcome an open and easy discussion with a nice and knowlegable home professional…even find it…ummm…REFRESHING!

Oh, I get it…

What will it cost? Meet me, and fill me in, then bring me along to meet your next prospective client. We’ll both decide if it’s a good fit, and that’ll be part of the conversation if we decide to move forward.

Every new meeting is an opportunity to learn something new, every day we have the choice to do something better than we did yesterday.

I want to meet and work with agents who are committed to succeeding. Who can take a deep breath, and look at what didn’t work. Who’ll be open to new ideas, and expanding their comfort zone.

If this speaks to you, call or email me today…is there a better way to greet Spring Market than having this part of your repertoire firmly in place??