What Does a Bacon Sundae Say About the Housing Recovery?


Regular readers will know that I have been unapologetically, though cautiously optimistic about the housing market since the fall. From where I stood, had been seeing-hearing-FEELING!-a swing back towards reality with buyers, sellers and agents.

Not a wide, or particularly scientific sampling, to be sure, but RE is uber-local, and this was my experience:  There was more acceptance-seasoned with some resignation, to be sure-but that many were making, or had made the powerful decision that it was time to move on, and choose being happy in whatever way they could.

Recently I found myself doubting my perception. Not from any market report or  set of sales figures. Nothing to do with the overseas economies, our local markets or the upcoming elections. No,  it was the announcement that Burger King is offering a Bacon Sundae as part of their summer menu.

I’m sorry, this is just so wrong, on so many levels.

It has only a little to do with overall calorie and nutritional content…the vanilla soft serve topped with fudge, caramel and bacon crumbles comes in at 510 calories and 61 grams of sugar (yes, including the bacon strip garnish!); there are plenty of other heavy-hitting desserts out there.

Instead I find this devil-may-care attraction to something WE ALL KNOW will come back to haunt us oddly reminiscent of when the bubble was building.

The housing market cannot afford any guilty pleasures right now. If this becomes anything more than a quickie novelty, I’m concerned the craving for this short-term cheap thrill will show the fondness for living in la-la land has not really left us.  I know it’s just ice cream, but I’m just sayin’….