What Good Service Looks Like

Regular readers, clients, and their agents know yellow pansies are a hallmark of TRH’s staged properties in early spring. Hardy, cheerful and photogenic, a heads-up for agents and their buyers that these sellers took their part of things seriously.

For years, every February I’d visit “my secret source” -a 4th generation family business that grew their own. I could get yellow pansies before anyone else had them, before anyone else even knew to ask for them. But no so this year.

Stopped by on a weekday and waited while the owner was having a friendly, more personal conversation with another customer. I tried not to listen, but I could only walk so far in the shop.

They weren’t talking about flowers or planting schedules. No, the conversation was about the future. The property, the family’s plans, and wonderful memories. 

The emotions were mixed, the tone upbeat, but bittersweet. They were re-vamping, easing out of the retail side of the business.

Still trying hard to look like I wasn’t listening, I looked down. Immediately their conversation became a poignant soundtrack as I pondered the story below my feet.

In this floor I saw the generations who came in year after year to buy something pretty. I knew they left with cardboard trays full of plastic pots of hope. They felt excited and cared-for. Also, next time they came they’d bring their kids, and would also send their friends.

If you’re mid-Westchester, you probably know this is about Carlson’s Nursery and H. Carlson Florist on Dobbs Ferry Road in White Plains.

Earlier this year Nancy wrote their clients, confirming the details:  The shop would gradually wind down in the months ahead, but yes, their floral design for events business will run as usual, but off-site.

Good service isn’t typically visible, but it’s easy to identify. Successful small business owners have known this all along.

TRH counsels good service is often someone just choosing to take the time to care. Receiving good service makes you feel good, but the really beautiful part is that it usually feels just as good to provide it.

Post-PAUSE delivering good service has to be the mandate for any small business owner who wants to stay afloat.  Now, more than ever, consumers will seek it, and they will choose it.

At the moment, H Carlson’s shop is still open, with limited hours. Stop and say hi if you’re passing by, or reach them at Keep them in mind for your post-PAUSE events. Wish them well, and tell them thanks, from the rest of us.