What Happens in Vegas Will Probably Not Stay There

NEW/Unidentified,‘What happens in Vegas’  is a successful campaign…but as far as the Home Furnishings industry is concerned, what’s happened in Vegas last week should most definitely NOT stay there.

Since their inaugural conference July 2005, this semi-annual event has steadily evolved into an event that is not just about new product, but reaching out to  and embracing the new clients, the new  marketplace, and the new merchants.

High Point, NC’s  April/October Markets are still considered the standard for product (at least for now!). Yet-as a bricks and mortar gal from way back, my focus has always been on the translation for the individual, end/local user; and I  very much like the supporting role the Vegas Market has created, and made their own.

NEW Ice Stools, PhilipCollection.comAlong with workshops on color forecasts and trends what happened in Vegas were some very consumer-centric symposiums: Best green/sustainable practices from BRAVO’s Thom Fillicia, creating  simpler, more transparent marketing, customer service expectation ins 2013, and musings from Yankee Candles’ President & CEO Howard Kent, on his experiences of being an “Undercover Boss”

Synopsized product: the lines are clean, and scale is generous-but not oversize, like the sectionals and  tables on steroids look we saw a few years back.  Combined with simple, and clear colors, the results are  alternately fun and upbeat, or classic and confident.   The materials are a blend  of organic and manufactured, sometimes within the same product-like these: Resin and glass is used to fill in the space of reclaimed wood to create a fun and functional stool.

There are signature pieces that will bring the right amount of ahhh to a space, either with a touch of shimmer, NEW, Avery Collection, Crystorama.comor some whimsey, like this simple and elegant ceiling fixture…or this over the top (but nonetheless awesome!) bed.

Only clunker in the group I find is Emerald Green-the annointed   Color of the Year. Like last year’s Tango Tangerine, even in small doese, it’s more like the Color of the Next 15 Minutes, and IMO should stay in Vegas.

Don’t despair-or rail against what you see here as being so wildly inappropriate for your cozy condo, or your simple split. 

Home Furnishing Markets-like NYC’s Fashion Week, the Boat and Car Shows, for that matter, the long-gone Sears Christmas Wish Book- are meant to inspire and entertain. They set the bar-a point at which looks and ideas will trickle down and work for most of us. So stay tuned-what retailers saw this week will start showing up online in the near future, and in the marketplace sometime late spring.

NEW Vendome Table,