What IS It About People like Ellen, Julia, and Tom?

What IS It About People Like Ellen, Julia and Tom?

Earlier in the week, heading out the door,  turned the TV on to check the weather on the local 2 minute traffic/2 minute weather channel.  NBC  is the default channel  that shows up first, the talk show ELLEN was on.

It was an audience quiz segment, where they were all up on a big stage, and if they gave the wrong answer, the floor disappeared underneath them.  YIKES!

I knew how it would turn out (hugs and smiles all around), yet on a no-time-to-spare kind of day, I sat down watched Ellen poke fun at some of her audience…THEN  a commercial for Larry Crowe, the new Julia Roberts-Tom Hanks movie.

That’s right, the same commercial we all have already seen, maybe  30 times. And it still made me smile.

We all know people we are just drawn to…but why? Whether media  celebrity, the guy at the hardware store, your dentist, the vet-even a Home Stager or Realtor-what is it that just makes us like some people so thoroughly and in many cases, almost immediately??

While initally curious just for curiousity’s sake,  of course it led to pondering these things in the context of running my business.  What are these vital qualities that not only get the job,  but insure good communication,  then paves the way to a great result?

After a week of thining and observing, here is my certainly subjective, and probably partial list:

We all like people who like to have fun, and have a  joyful attitude. Even silly is ok. Those choosing-to-be-happy, glass half-full types make us feel good.

 They/their characters  may poke fun of, or tease,  but are never mean or mean-spirited.  No one gets hurt, insulted, or embarrassed.

We  like people who make us feel good.   Easily, and naturally, they reinforce some essence we believe to be true, generally or specifically:   Life is good.  My dog is beautiful and loves me.  I care about what I do.  Even when it’s not all unicorns and rainbows.  I have a cavity, but my flossing is better.

They don’t put ‘space’ between you and them.  Of course there are boundries, not expecting an invite to a BBQ from Ellen/Julia/Tom-OR my dentist, anyone from Hecht’s (my favorite hardware store), or any of my (MANY) favorite Realtors.  But in whatever the connection, it’s about the matter at hand, not about them.

We like knowing what they stand for. They are passionate about what they do. Sometimes, even if you don’t agree with them, you admire them for walking the walk.  

Ellen champions equal rights and pet adoption; we run a fair business, coach Little League, and run book sales at the library

Julia and Tom each won an Oscar for portraying regular people fighting injustices (Erin Brockovich, enviormental crimes;  Andrew Beckett, a lawyer fired because he had AIDS); we can sing in the choir, walk to raise funds, or lead a Scout troop.

They/their characters-are thoughtful and kind.  Julia’s Evil Queen in Snow White is not due out til 2012, but  betting on a Evil Queen with a soft side.  Tom was a hit-man in Road to Perdition, but hit man with a cause.

 And I love my dentist and his staff.   Even though it seems I am STILL  not flossing enough, I leave appointments feeling smarter and cared-for.

Mirror, mirror on the wall-what qualities do YOU think make people the fairest of all??