What, No Showings?!!

I’m shocked, shocked!!

Ok, maybe not that shocked. Have you looked at your online listing photos??

Every hour, every day, countless buyers and investors scan listings online.  This week there are over 100 Open Houses in Westchester. With all that is on the line, here are some examples of what buyers are seeing this week:

The sofa that ate Rye Brook, Ye Olde Dining Room/Gift Shoppe, and towels drying. WAIT>there’s more!  That architectural rarity called ‘a door’, a true multi-purpose room, and-well, you tell me.

 Sellers and Agents alike, stop whining and wringing your hands. Number of sales and selling prices are on the rise in Westchester. If no one wants to see your house there is a reason why.

Staging is not about someone being right, or a judgement of how you live, it’s about getting your house sold. To that point-I am repeating my offer from previous posts: claim any one of these photos as yours, and I will spend up to a half-day Staging your house for free. REALLY.