“What We`ve Got Here is a Failure to Communicate”

Inspired by AR pal Roger Mucci’s Oscar-themed contest, I am on a roll, melding what I do, the various Spring Markets, and Oscar Fever via some famous quotes.What We've Got Here is a Failure to Communicate

‘What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate’ does not have such a great context in the movie, but by itself  can be a helpful and important observation in business.

Potential clients are often surprised to hear me sayI am in the problem-solving business.  OK< sure, I work with a lot of pretty things, but pretty only goes so far. Understanding what is on someone elses’ mind goes a lot farther.

Channeling Steve Jobs, ‘good design is not about how something looks, it’s how it works’.  TRH believes a good look endures when it’s solidly rooted in diagnosing, then solving a problem; clear and solid communications is what supports that.

People learn-and communicate-in different ways, usually combinations of talking, listening, watching, thinking and doing.  Being aware of, and working within another’s style  is a vital component of good communication.

When working with/presenting to a group that means mixing  it up, or sometimes repeating the message, but in different styles- so you can forge a solid connection, and build on it.  In my Home Staging Workshops, to help de-mystify the process and engage everyone- I utilize a white board to list participants’ questions, an open Q&A format, a slide show and a long table to showcase some of the things I use to prepare a property for sale.

True communication is a two-way street. Strother Martin, as the prison warden, was obvioulsy not interested in “communicating”.   But then again, he wasn’t putting together something wonderful,  lightening a clients’ heart, or making their life easier, either.