What’s All This I Hear About Domestic Violence and the NFL??

Domestic Violence in the NFL? La-La-La-I Can't Hear You!The bigger they are, the brighter they are, the harder they fall….the pendulum has swung mightily in the last 10 days re: Ray Rice and the issue of domestic violence.

It’s not news-OR any more wrong than it’s ever been, but now that the proverbial finger is being pointed at Roger Godall I think we need to look at the other 4 fingers that are pointing back to all of us.

He protects the interests of the people he works for…the people who make money from $10.00 beers, $70.00+ jerseys for kids, and absolutely insane ticket prices…so they can attract the best…to get more money….to build the best…to make more money…etc. (Best seats for even the lowly Jacksonville Jaguars command north of $400, it’s $1200 for the Broncos, and you don’t want to know about the pricing in MetLife stadium.)

But they charge those prices and make that money because they can, because we, the people are willing to pay for it.

I DO like football (TOM!!!!) >the sport as well as the social event that breaks up miserable winters here in the northeast. But maybe we should each take a look at our own part in what we do to over-glorify hundreds of pounds of muscle and bone smashing into each other? Channeling Louie from “Casablanca”can we really be  shocked, SHOCKED! to hear violence on the field comes home at the end of the day?

This is not a simple problem, or sadly, not a new one. Thanks to technology, Ray Rice is just the one who’s ended up in the spotlight. But I bet if each of us dialed it back a bit, and remembered to stay horrified past this news cycle (ie throughout the season, ESPECIALLY during the holiday buying season), it’d be the start of some real change. How about we give it a try?