What’s New In My Staging Kit This Week?

Things in a home that show they need maintenance do not go over well with buyers.

Even things that are small and or easy to fix, it tells buyers that if the sellers  can’t or don’t take care of it-well, what other horrors are there that they just haven’t found yet??

But when the details are taken care of, it’s part of the magic of finding ‘the’ house. SO-in the trunk of my car is a kit of things I have found to be helpful to indispensable when I am out and on a job to quickly and easily take care of such details.

While not always used for their intended purpose, it’s made of up things that are easy to find, inexpensive, and most importantly, WORK.

This week’s product I am absolutely over the moon about.

Kitchens are a big selling point in any home. Stainless steel is still very popular, and we all love the look of gleaming, well-kept appliances.

However-let’s be honest, it’s not the easiest look to maintain, especially  when a house is being actively lived-in.  Smudges, drips and fingerprints can come out of nowhere.

If you have stainless appliances, run out and buy these now. Available in spray, too (but I like the wipes) and in most supermarkets, less than $6.00 for a container of 30.  One wipe will remove most of what’s on a major appliance and leave a smooth, polished-finish that seems to repel said detritus, at least for a few days, without any residue.