What’s New In My Staging Kit This Week?

Buyers are curious folks…which is ok, as when they buy your house, they will be buying it all:  the closets, the plumbing, the attic, etc. But books and bookcases seem to hold a special attraction for them…which is why I pay special attention to the bookcases!

Books have soul, they add presence and character.  Classic, but not cliched is the way I like to go. In a space where you want to send a message, the right ones  can transport you and elevate the process; the wrong ones (defined as anything that could distract buyers) (and fodder for a future post!)  are like a bad musical note; both jarring and lingering.

So pre-owned (pre-loved!) books are something I inventory, seriously shop for,  and consider when Staging a project.  A little unexpected can be quite engaging!

Rosemary Wells’  Max and Ruby books-are one of my favorites for kid’s rooms. Olive, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and of course, Goodnight Moon are some of the others.

Cookbooks also trend classic: Joy of Cooking, Silver Palate, James Beard; but also have a few Ina Garten a.k.a The Barefoot Contessa, and Moosewood Restaurant books as well.

Recently I completed a new project, a funeral home. Clients from years ago, this was a brand new project, existing space gutted and re-worked. Although the business has changed a bit, what people want at this time in their life has not; the only books I used were Reader’s Digest (hardcover) condensed books.

Westchester County was home to Reader’s Digest, you would have to ask a lot of people to find someone who did not have any connection. Paper covers off, they are quite lovely, and everyone had them, it gave a very nostalgic feel.

While no one would consciously buy a home because of the books in the bookcase, they certainly set the mood, and reinforces  the vision of how they see themselves living in this space…where they can ultimately unpack and shelve their own copies of Danielle Steele!!