What’s New In My Staging Kit This Week?

What’s New In My Staging Kit This Week? 


Got pets? 

How about pets that hang out on the furniture? 

Or rub up against your legs…or the drapes?

Get some of these.

Evercare Magik Brush.  $4.00 at BBB, but available at all sorts of places.

A looped fabric cover

s pads on both sides of the brush. Simply brush in the direction of the arrow on the handle-loops pick up the offending material,  then reverse direction to get the collected detritus off the brush.

Bella Blue, my shepard mix is in full shedding mode, it’s frankly a wonder she has any hair left on her body!-this lifted the hair off my microfiber car seats with one pass-through.

Reusable = green,  and a heck of a lot easier, and less expensive than those adhesive paper rolls.

One for the office, one for the car, and at least one for the home-you can’t go wrong.