What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Welcome back to What’s Wrong with This Picture? where we tie a dollars and cents (sense!?) rationale to constructive comments made about actual listing photos.

Dialogue is encouraged,  and as before-claim a photos as yours, and receive a complimentary interactive consult, valued up to $180.00.

This was the last photo, and as AR buds Carla, Tatyana and Debbie had commented, pointed out, it’s a flat and un-inspiring space.  All true, but here is how I would present the good ideas they suggested:

Outside living space does not count towards square footage of house.


Iif  listing photos demonstrate an attractive, functional deck or patio, this expanded living space is a BIG bonus to buyers who are comparing sq footage, or cost per square foot on similar properties.

“Color” in the furthest corners draws the eye-elevating, and visually stretching the space.


Here in NY metro area, it’s feasible to have this as usable living space at least 6 months of the year.  Function translates into value for buyers, and I urge my clients to prepare any outdoor spaces to the max.  A fresh net on the basketball backboard, or a boccie set is always a good idea.

Keep the grill clean, and maintain the landscape. Weather permitting, March is NOT too early to get the patio furniture out; and October is not too late to have it still showing activity.  If space/location permits, a clay fire pit extends the use-cycle, and adds a lot of cozy-factor, for maybe two hundred dollars.

Here is our next candidate: OK< maybe it’s not ‘bad’-but pulled this one because it’d be so easy-and so valuable-to get to WOW!

How do you feel about this room?

What message does it send to  buyers?

What would you advise the sellers to do, and why?

What’s Wrong with This Picture?