When There’s NO MONEY for Staging

We need to sell…we know the house needs some help, but there’s no money for Staging…can you help us?When There's No Money for Staging

I make my living as a Home Stager, via my for-profit business, so this question might seem like a no-brainer. But (like any other community) Real Estate has its own culture and dialect; so channeling the observational skills of  Margaret Mead and the tenacity of Marlin Perkins, this Westchester County Home Stager learned the difference between having “NO MONEY”  for Staging, and  having “no money” for Staging a long time ago.

Being brought into conversations when there is  “NO MONEY” for Staging is a real puzzle.  It can come from either the seller or the agent.  Many times it’s done just so the ‘talked to a Stager’ box can be checked off.   Definite>even defiant, the speakers’ mind is made up. My experience tells me a mix of  fear, anger, resignation or frustration about circumstances beyond their control is what’s speaking. In any case, it makes me sad, but it happens, so I wish them well and continue on my way.

But when I’m told there is “no money” for Staging, often I hear hope, and a request for more information.

Depending on how it’s said,  it can mean several different things. For example, many agents and sellers both equate Home Staging with renting furniture. (In my business, less than 5% of my jobs involve renting furniture.)  Others believe it has to be like it is on HGTV, that a crew of people descending on the house with SWAT team-like bravado is a given. (Not on ANY of this Westchester County Home Stager’s jobs. EVER.)

Home Staging is not just about how something looks. Even in unoccupied properties, The Refreshed Home believes conversation about, and agreement with the property owner on their goals, needs and expectations is an integral and necessary part of the process, and must come first. Many clients and agents are happily surprised when they find our discussing and defining terms, circumstances and resources makes up the first 10 or 15 minutes of a consult.

There is a big difference between having “NO MONEY” prepare a home for sale, and having “no money” to Stage a house. At it’s core, this Westchester County Home Stager believes Home Staging is always, always about doing the best you can…and yes, that we can figure it out together!