White Plains NY 10601 Condo: From Well-Loved ‘Home’ to SOLD! In Two Months

2011 was a tough year if you needed to sell your Westchester County condo. According to WPAR stats, annual number of sales were down by almost 11% in 2010 (from 937 sold in 2010 to 835 sold in 2011); and by nearly 17% since 2008, where 1005 condos in Westchester got sold.

Many seemed to be resigned to having to stay put; year-end also found inventory to be it’s lowest in years, 705 active listings,  down from 795 in 2010.

But what if you really really want to sell?

Last year I was brought into a property here in White Plains that had a lot going for it, condo-wise. Very convenient, but uber-private. Great light, generous space, and all the important amenities.

The owner was an exuberant sort, loving life, and had traveled much of the world in order to embrace it first-hand. But he also brought a lot of it back with him.

His love of family and friends only slightly eclipsed his wanderlust, so the walls were filled with beautiful original and exotic artwork, and photos of  those near and dear.

The walls were shockingly bright, and bore great testimony to these passions, but did little to enhance the key selling points: space, great natural light, and the fireplace. As referenced below, he was NOT PLEASED at my recommendations-pack art, repaint, move some furniture… but he wanted to move into his new place more than he wanted to be right, so that’s how it went. Here are some of the B&As:









Got this email today…not sure yet which is my favorite part…

Dear Marie-

You know I loved the look of the apartment I lived in for 26 years. 

When you suggested these changes I resisted, but reluctantly I made them.  

The result were raves from potential buyers, agents,  and most importantly a sale.

Thank you!


If you have a property that no one is looking at, or making offers on, there is a reason.

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Let’s get that property sold so we can all get on with our life.