Who’s Responsible for the Listing Photos?

“Who’s responsible for the listing photos?” Usually asked regarding the cost, scheduling or physical taking of photos, but rarely asked, and IMO insufficiently addressed regarding

Each of us is responsible for our own success. It’s always dandy if you can turn it over to the pros, but that’s not doable for many.

This isn’t a call to invest in costly equipment, of the moment technology or other extended services, but preparing and marketing a house for sale is serious business. Whatever you can do, you need to do, in the best way possible, from Day One; ALL interested parties to get their Big Boy/Girl pants on, focus on what they can do, and do it.

In every MLS examples abound where no one took a few extra moments to care. Things that cost nothing to remedy yet carry a huge price tag: unmade beds, uneven towels, raised toilet seats, dishes in the sink, burned out lights, the list goes on.

Agents are responsible to address it at the first seller meeting. Honestly, and directly. Not doing so is a grave error of omission that will haunt you: an underwhelming listing at best; wasted resources, and sellers who’ll use your reticence against you to excuse their own culpability are certainties.

Don’t know what to say, how to do it? No one is born knowing these things….but get over it, and find someone who does: Shadow a colleague and develop your own style. OR suggest your sellers speak with a Stager! Having “these talks” with sellers is part of what what we do . (BTW, TRH also coaches and mentors agents who want to develop their own style, comfortably!)

Meryl_as_Julia_choppingBrokers are responsible for establishing, and maintaining standards within their brokerage. YES I know your time is diced more finely than Meryl Streep’s onions, and YES I know everyone has their hands in your pockets and YES I know how hard this business is…but sorry, you’re blowing it at the finish line.

Listing photos drive traffic and inspire showings, DO NOT try to convince me your agents’ thumb in the picture is an OK photo. Make the time to lead by example, and insist your agents follow.

Make sure your photos are the best they can be. Choose to either approve photos before they go up, train-or hire someone!-to work with your agents, developing their eye for detail, composition and even technical prowess with their smart phone. That whole teach a man to fish thing really works!

Sellers are responsible. As a Stager I drive this point home in every consult I make, and every CE class and workshop I lead. Use common sense, and be open to suggestions from people who know what they’re doing, who have no vested interest other than your success.

This is not a cerebral process, asking you to contemplate if you’d buy your house is not helpful. Look at some listings online, and take some of your own pictures. Are you stunned to see how much “crap” other people have in their photos? OH, WAIT>that’s YOUR Living Room…?!

Staging a house is a business decision. Whatever you can do, ALWAYS do the very best you can, from Day One. So who’s responsible for the listing photos? If you’ve read this far, really, you already know.

Marie Graham is an Interior Decorator, an Accredited Home Stager, and owner of The Refreshed Home. She puts her Big Girl pants on every day, helping people do what they can to better their space and circumstances. Contact her directly 914.607.2895