Why, Deep Down, We Are Really Ok with Halloween Candy, and Corduroy in July

IMAG0046…or bathing suits in January, and Santa in September.

Simply, we get bored. Our impatient inner three-year old is easily distracted, always looking past what current and right in front of us, certain something newer, shinier, and more fun is just around the corner.

And as much as our outward adult selves will bemoan the fact that retailers seem to push the envelope further and further each year, truth is, they wouldn’t keep doing it if it didn’t attract (more) buyers.

Happily, buying a home is about the same thing: Hope, and the future. Buyers are those eternal three year olds…always looking ahead for something new, and more wonderful.

This Westchester County Home Stager understands the value of engaging buyers, and knows how to make it happen. Guiding sellers on specific choices, and when selecting the accessories to make their house the shiniest penny.

  • January 1st is not too soon to take down holiday decorations.
  • February is not too soon to start a window sill herb garden.
  • March is not too early to uncover and wash down the patio furniture, or search for yellow pansies.
  • April is perfect for changing out bed coverings to lighter weight, more brightly colored bed coverings, or starting to turn over those garden beds.

See what I mean?

If you are planning to sell, have a talk with The Refreshed Home first. Together we’ll created a natural and timely plan to get your house noticed, and SOLD!