Why I Am Happy Today

Seventeen years ago today, I married a kilt-wearing Scotsman named Douglas Graham…well, he wore a kilt to our wedding; in fact, that was his wedding gift. 

From the beginning, he knew he was not going to wear a tux. Since I was going for the big dress, his wearing a suit was not going to cut it.

That we were in agreement about a kilt as a compromise was a nice surprise, the first of many.  That he would grow to like jazz,  I would be ok with changing my name, and we would share a checkbook were others. 

SIDEBAR:  Seems Kearny, New Jersey is the epicenter of all things Scottish in the NY metro area. They rent kilts, had racks of them, in whatever size you need. One tartan (which the rest of us call ‘plaid’ ) they stocked was MacDonald, which is Doug’s middle name, so he was ok wearing those colors. 

 HOWEVER he did not know I called the store owner prior and told him of my plan, to have Doug measured for his tartan to be custom made for him, as a surprise. 

 Thankfully the Graham tartan was a simple and dignified one…have been to a number of  Scottish events where other tartans were screechy-loud colors, like they ran out of the good color combinations and were using the leftover colors no one wanted…


We don’t have any big weekend plans- no customary fine dining experience , no expected bling…we both worked Saturday, napped, then, as another nor’easter roared outside, we  watched some old movies. He made pizza, I cut up mangos for dessert. Later today he is going to help me set up and work a table for Furniture Sharehouse at Westchester County Earth Day event.  And I couldn’t be more content.

Have always felt tradition is ok, as long as it means something, and you are not beholden to it…and while April 17th will always be our day, so are the other 364 days. 

Being happily, easily married to my best friend continues to be a delightful surprise.   He gets how fleeting time can be, and looks for something to be happy about most every day-it’s just how things have worked out.

 He also gets-or at least puts up with-the goofy stuff,  supports me in everything, including the building of my business, brings me flowers in the middle of the week-‘when they’re on sale!’-and values our relationship above all. How cool is that??   Yes, life is good, indeed!