Why I Love Window Treatments


I’ve writen in legnth about my passion for doing window treatments before, that what an exponential change they make in the chemistry of a room, but seeing is believing…

We started out with existing blinds, and fleshed out an idea, using the kid’s flannel sheets

Then, 29 yards of fabric later….

Here is a lovely kitchen and eating area,  

blinds on the window were a given.

Draw drapes over french doors provide privacy and sound-absorption (great for rooms with hard surfaces and households with young children), balance the line of the cabinetry, but also elevate the feeling of the space…comfortable for kids, great for casual dinners with grown-ups, too. 

 Almost impossible to discern, but fabric is a mini-mini check fabric. This let us add presence by doing a strong color, but kept it from reading hard, or too dark.

AND ohyes, here is the othe reason I love doing window treatments. Rich Kane is the “R” of “M and R Designs”. He and his wife Marilyn have been doing window treatments for almost 30 years, and they have been my exclusive workroom for the last 10.

This goofy shot belies the seriousness and dedication they put into every job. They “get” the aesthetics as well as the construction/fabrication so it goes from concept to reality, flawlessly, on time, and without you having a ton of fabric left over.