Why Red Wine Needs to Breathe, There are 19 Stars on Indianna’s State Flag (and other bits of information)

Beyond ‘because’, I never knew why…

“Red wine has a higher molecular weight, and gives off vapor less readily. The more solid and substantial the wine, the more the release of its aroma and bouquet depend on gentle warmth.

 The lighter and sweeter white wine is better when chilled to around 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Above that temperature range, the subtle aromas of the wine may be masked by those given off by the alcohol as it vaporizes.”

And ohyes, on this day, Venetian blinds were patented (1796), Indianna became the 19th state (1816), Nitrous oxide was first used in dentistry (1844), Edward VIII abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson (1936), UNICEF was established (1946), and the the Concorde was unveiled (1967).

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