Why The Refreshed Home is Like Your Favorite Pair of Black Jeans

Why The Refreshed Home is Like Your Favorite Black Jeans

Analogies help us understand something unfamiliar, by comparing it with something close to us. In this series, we parallel  TRH-style of Interior Decorating and Home Staging with some very familiar  things. TODAY: Your favorite pair of black jeans.

There is no pretense:  Jeans, and TRH are always been about getting things done, comfortably. 

A good fit is important to start. And both fit even better as time goes on.

Black jeans (and The Refreshed Home) flatter.  They make the most of what you have. 

 Both are adaptable, and work well in many situations.

Your favorite black jeans and this Westchester County Decorator and Home Stager elevate the look, but keep it feeling real and accessible.

Neither are particularly high-maintenance.

You can depend on them both to make you look good.

Working with The Refreshed Home and wearing your favorite black jeans both give you confidence and comfort.

They are literally close to you. Being hugged is not entirely out of the question!

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