Why Your House is Still on the Market: Listing Photo Fails Part One

House still on the market…?  Little traffic, fewer offers? Listing photo fails could be why.2015-11-02 14.12.14

Two things engage buyers: price, and condition that are in sync. Price may be the first filter, but good listing photos seal the deal, they are what drive traffic to a property.

Tireless messengers working 24/7 on your behalf, have moments to engage buyers and demonstrate the value of your property. Our local MLS Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors  lets member agents showcase up to 30 images without cost.2015-11-04 09.48.48

With so much at stake, and such great opportunity, why oh why are there so many listing photo fails? Have written about the responsibility of good listing photos before, but here’s the first of a 4 part series on specific listing photo fails.

Leading off the list are underwhelming rooms. The price may be right on paper, but the viewer is not engaged, or doesn’t see the value from the photos. Buyers usually don’t know-or really even want to take the time to understand, they just move on.  Photo styling by The Refreshed Home can prevent listing photo fail.

The eye is always, immediately drawn to color and light; a few additions can catch a viewers’ attention, elevating, and adding character and value to a shot. Removing the red placemats, then adding valances, and a large striking piece of art brought the eye up to the wall and the windows, balancing the table and making the dining area feel bigger.

The room below needed drama and presence, color and contrast. I removed the tablecloth/china, and added in-stock drapery panels to frame the windows, adding height and definition.



Here are a few other common fails: 

  •  White walls, sparse, or oddly-furnished spaces can indicate an estate sale.  Believing selling is imperative, buyers may just wait to see how low the price drops.
  • Barbie and Ken-sized furniture in a life-sized room again could lead a buyer to believe the room(s) can’t handle average-sized  furniture, or again, the seller must sell.
  • Monochromatic rooms may be classic in person, but without contrasting colors or lines, it’s just a vanilla blur.

Is your house lingering on the market?  If you and your agent feel it’s priced right, maybe it’s time revisit those listing photos. Talk to me today  about getting your listing noticed, and SOLD!

NEXT: The peril of over-the-top rooms, and rooms with a past