Will Buyers Remember YOUR House??

Will Buyers Remember YOUR House??

When preparing a house for sale, some projects involve getting rid of the red flags-the immediate and obvious turn-offs no buyer wants to see.

But more and more I am seeing projects in need of green flags.

Whether it’s an HGTV-obsession, sellers trying to save money and pre-stage before they call a real  Stager,  or over-zealous but well-meaning agents, friends or neighbors- there are lots of  neat, clean, sanitized and  B-O-R-I-N-G properties out there. 

Nothing stands out, nothing engages, nothing inspires. Nothing to cause a buyer to remember a house.

That may see like a contradiction of the ‘de-clutter, de-personalize’ mantra that many chant, but  de-personalizing a space does not mean stripping away all personality.

YES-preparing a house for sale means packing away what is unsuitable, distracting, inappropriate. ANYTHING that  will otherwise get in the way of the seller getting the most traffic (online, AND foot) and the best price for their property, in the shortest time. 

Depending on the market, your goals and expectations, it can also mean making changes, or bringing things in that will make the property shine, and catch a buyer’s eye.   

Now that lenders are loosening some of the thumb-screws, and balance has been creeping back into the market- a property buyers WANT will be the property that gets SOLD. 

It’s not enough for buyers just to be able to see themselves in it,  there needs to be BUYER LUST.  They want it, gotta have it, can’t stop thinking about it.  There are  workable solutions at almost every level of the market, which is why you want to talk to me.

So-so showings, low-ball offers, no online traffic?  Your life on hold, waiting for your property to sell?  Well,  you know what hasn’t worked….

Help buyers remember your house. Now is the time to start the conversation. Better the space, sell your house, and get on with your life.