Word Of The Week: ADVOCATE

Welcome back to Word Of The Week, where random thoughts are shared about a word that has resonated for me during the week.   This week’s word is ADVOCATE.

From the early 1300’s,  the Latin advacare to summon, to call to one’s aid; originally legal counsel.  It’s a strong,  substantial, grown-up word.  Both a noun and a verb, it involves speaking for, and acting to protect the interests and welfare of another.

An advocate is CONFIDENT , and PRO-ACTIVE. They are more PASSIONATE  than a spokesperson, and more LEADERSHIP-ORIENTED  a supporter. It will takes doing a task well to a more personal, even on-going level.  Advocates rarely punch a clock.

As an advocate for my clients, I navigate waters with contractors and vendors, even their in-laws and nosey neighbors!

Being an advocate is often part of the job, like your CPA handling funky notices from the IRS. Sometimes it is a directly paid position, usually in the government-like a consumer advocate.  Politicians can advocate for a certain cause, that would be part of their platform; advocates that are paid to influence legislation are called LOBBYISTS.

Most advocates I believe, walk among us, unnoticed during everyday life.  Everyday heros, they are volunteers who by their words and deeds help create, and support a better life for different segments of society. Every day of the week, volunteer EMTs and firefighters save lives, and property.

In our lifetime others have created events, images and organizations that have become institutions: think telethons and walk-a-thons; a library of colored ribbons, each with a cause; M.A.D.D, Special Olympics, and Susan G. Komen.

Advocate is a great word to show someone how much you care.