Word Of The Week: ALIGN

The right word makes me hear things differently, and remember them better.  That’s why I started this series, to bring words already on our radar screens into better focus.  (Click here to see the others)

I was at a community meeting earlier this week, and the speaker used this word several times in describing a process of getting good things done, and it really resonated….so Word Of The Week is ALIGN.

It’s a verb in the truest sense, and most of the definitions are just as short and straightforward as you’d hope any process would be.

Essentially, it’s putting/arranging things into their correct order. Parts (components, PEOPLE! thoughts)  are adjusted so the proper and best orientation (position, RELATIONSHIP!  result)- is achieved.

It’s PROACTIVE.  It  looks at and considers all the elements, and the focus is on how they can WORK TOGETHER. Big,  loud, or “tradition” does not figure in here, BIG-PICTURE and BALANCE does.

It COORDINATES  different elements, many working parts of some sort.  It’s a STRATEGY TO SUCCEED.

There is NO JUDGEMENT, just OBJECTIVE ASSESSMENT  so a pre-determined GOAL or IDEAL  is met.

When teeth are aligned, they-to their roots-brought to CENTER, to establish a solid foundation for long-term oral health.  When wheels are aligned, they maintain the best contact with the road, and ensure optimum performance from the vehicle.

When people are invloved, there is TIMING and TRUST to consider. ALIGN  CALMS and DE-SENSITIZES. It changes the focus. Same-league baseball rivals UNITE for the All-Star Game every July…more immediately for bragging rights, but bigger prize is home field advantage for the winning leagues’ team in the post-season.

The Refreshed Homes’ solutions for staging clients ALIGN with comps, the Realtor’s pricing and marketing plan, the local market, and the sellers’ needs, goals resources and expectations.

ALIGN,  for the most part FINDs A MIDDLE… but it is not weak, or compromised. STREGNTH comes from a conciously balanced core, where all energy is directed FORWARD.

Lastly, I think ALIGN involves CHOICE. At the end of the day, nothing is taken; a decision is made to do what it takes to move to the GREATER GOOD.

I like this word so much I could not  wait until Saturday to share it! Have a great week, and see you next Saturday for a NEW Word Of The Week!