Word Of The Week: ASK

Catherine Faranda's letter to the tooth fairy

Welcome back to Word Of The Week, where random thoughts about the power of a single word are shared.

ASK is deceptively short and simple.   ASK is about need, or want, but it’s not weak or needy. ASK is both DIRECT and PRO-ACTIVE.

Have you ever delayed asking, looking first for an indication of a YES? Or maybe not asked at all, because you thought you hinted enough?

Ann and Phil Faranda’s daughter, Catherine knows how to ask.

ASK  shows your cards.  Like many of the other featured words, there is a relationship in ASK.  It  feels close to the heart…sometimes, too close.

There can be a lot of pressure on ask. To ASK is to RISK….but what is the worst risk: to hear NO< or to miss out on an opportunity? I have a great quote on the wall behind my desk: “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”

Sometimes doing a lot of asking puts things in perspective…kind of like job interviews, or dating.  If you ask/date/interview rarely, EVERYTHING in the world seems to ride on that one event. But if you are ‘out there’ on a regular basis, a “no” doesn’t seem to hold that same power.

The best ASKS are clear and straightforward…just be sure to stop talking once you ask, so the other person can respond.

Finally, ASKING lets you know where you stand.  It puts you in a position to clear away the old and move forward.